Maury B - The Legacy

Maury B - The Legacy

The Legacy is much more than an album, it is a collection of life stories from the last ten years, the time that has passed since the release of the last album "Book of Rhymes", released way back in 2013.
Ten long years in which the difficulties due to drug addiction forced Maury to long and painful stops, to difficult periods of recluse life, to the deprivation of freedom, to spend time in the community, in prison and under house arrest, short experiences but intense and penalizing especially on a mental level and in the search for motivation.
Despite everything, there were ten years in which Maury never lost heart and never stopped writing and cultivating his passion for music, an inexhaustible engine from which to draw in search of new perspectives and new hopes to bring about a change of course to his life and continue his path in the music business. Participation in live events throughout the peninsula was very important, positive situations that allow you to meet new people with whom you can exchange words and visions.
Summing up, The Legacy is a project realized for better or for worse and for better or for worse.
Having completed it in these conditions is a great personal satisfaction and an incredible achievement for Maury.
“The Legacy” represents a true story like the story of many other true people, it can be read as a hymn to life, to the power of music, to the social redemption of a person, of an artist, who after various difficulties tries to give a turning point in his life and career.


Side A
1. 24H (Prod. Dj Douglas & Chryverde - feat Dj Bront)
2. CLASSIC (Prod. Dj Shocca - feat Davide Shorty)
3. ETERNAL REFLECTIONS (Prod. Deal DBK - feat Masito + Dj Fakser)
4. HELL OF TO (Prod. Dj Douglas & Chryverde - feat Ensi + Dj Douglas)
5. INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION (Prod. Waysco - feat Egreen, Charlie Muscle and Planet Asia)
6. SOUL PITARES (Prod. Torsolo)

Side B
1. WE ARE SIMILAR (Prod. Dj Douglas & Chryverde - feat. Mattak)
3. RAP DELIVERY (Prod Gsq - feat. Esa)
4. NEVER HATED (Prod Oyoshe - feat. Dj Ghost)
5. ELETTROSHOCK (Prod. Dj Skizo - feat. Dj Douglas)
6. MUSIC FOR THE SOUL (Prod. Dj Douglas & Chryverde - feat. Tormento)
7. COLD WAR RMX (Prod. DJ Douglas & DJ Ghost)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by DJ Douglas (MI)
Except the recording of "Cold War Rmx" @heedstudio_ by @stefanoverra_joebeatnetti (TO)
Cover art: @luca_kvibez

Available in classic black and limited edition smoked orange vinyl!

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