Capstan, Dankery Harv - V-Troit

Capstan, Dankery Harv - V-Troit

From the pulsating streets of Detroit to the alleys of Verona, immerse yourself in " V-troit ", a sonic journey created by Italian rapper Capstan and Dankery Harv of Detroit duo Frank n Dank , known for their collaborations with J Dilla and Madlib . Born from an electrifying meeting in Verona, this EP is an example of a genuine and organic international collaboration. It travels through raw rhythms, addictive verses and a raw atmosphere that pushes boundaries.
Press play and immerse yourself in the essence of " V-troit ".

- Tracklist -

 Side A
01 V-Troit
02 Make a move
03 Now blow
04 Ballin' (feat. Frank Nitt)

Side B
01 WDGAF (feat. Zampa)
02 Hustle
03 Ballin' (Instrumental)
04 Hustle (Instrumental)

Available in classic black vinyl distributed worldwide and in a limited edition orange smoked version exclusively only on!

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Recorded and mixed between Verona, Detroit and London , the album is produced by Dave The Mojo , Non dire Chaz , Jimbo Da Pot and Manny Mani , who also took care of the mixing. The vinyl master is by Bassi Maestro and the artwork by Tommy Verità
It will be released on digital platforms on Friday January 12th with Vibrarecords / Believe Digital distribution

“When Frank-n-Dank came to Verona for one of their shows we took them around and after a couple of evenings together the connection was born. Immediately afterwards I and Dank we started working on the project by sending tracks back and forth from Italy to the United States.

We met again in London and brought them back to Verona the following year for the Jay Dee Made This tour, we shot a video and did a live song together.

Like any self-respecting project we had some problems along the way, but after endless sessions, lost files, redone beats, rewritten rhymes and countless versions, we're finally here!

It took some time, but there couldn't have been a better time.”



Dankery Harv


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