Who we are


We were born on 18 September 1998 as the first record store in Italy specialized only and exclusively in the sale of hip hop music and DJ material.

In 2000 we launched our website for information on our activities and e-commerce, and within a couple of years it became the reference mailorder for fans of the genre.

In the early 2000s we began to exclusively distribute the albums of Bassi Maestro, Club Dogo, Inoki, Esa, Yoshi, CdB, La Creme, Fritz da Cat and many others.

In 2003 we officially became a record label and within five years we produced, in partnership with The Saifam Group, the albums of the best artists on the Italian Hip Hop scene, such as Bassi Maestro, Fabri Fibra, Tutti Di Mare, Club Dogo, Dj Shocca, Mondo Marcio, Nesli, Mistaman, Stokka & Madbuddy, Amir, Microspasmi and many others.

Many titles in our catalog are still reprinted and in distribution, if you have difficulty finding them, ask us or your trusted retailer.

This year we celebrate our twenty-fifth birthday!

If you are a friend who has been following us since day one, we thank you for the support and attention you continue to dedicate to us after all this time!

If you found us by chance, welcome!

Andrea DJ Zeta Zanetti