Dj Myke aka Micionero - Battlecat Vol.2

Dj Myke aka Micionero - Battlecat Vol.2

Dj Myke aka Micionero presents the second volume of the Battlecat series,
the new 12" vinyl DJ tool for turntable musicians (and others).
- Tracklist -
Side A
01-11 Skip Proofs 133 bpm
12 Soundcollecting 1
Side B
01 Soundcollecting 2
02 Skilldrums
03 Jugglecat 4/4
04 Jugglecat 3/4
05 Speed ​​(Instrumental)
Side A contains a no-skip track at 133 bpm and a scratch sentence at 110 bpm with a mix of effects, acoustic instruments, synths and vocals.
The side B contains a melodic-scratch sentence track (bass, synth and backing vocals), a drums sentence track, a track of various breaks in 4/4 at 110 bpm and a track of various breaks in 3/4 at 110 bpm for beat juggling, drumming and sampling and an unreleased instrumental track produced by DJ Myke.
Battlecat Vol.2  offers a refined and innovative vast range of sounds ready to be manipulated, it is the tool suitable for DJ-turntablists of all levels with strong creativity.
Battlecat Vol.2
The record for making records!
Available in classic black vinyl and limited edition smoked green!
Click on the image to buy it:

Watch DJ Myke in action with the sounds of Battlecat Vol.2 :

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