Zampa - Vanagloria

Paw - Vainglory

Seven years after his latest album "The Call of the Forest"
Zampa returns with a new album: Vanagloria.
The project was entirely produced by Manny Mani, a young beatmaker from Verona, and boasts the collaboration of very talented artists such as Jack the Smoker, Moder, Rido, Lanz Khan and Ares Adami. 

Vanagloria is a rap album that is inspired by the roots of the genre, but at the same time manages to sound fresh and original. Between melancholy samples and played parts, Zampa recounts the doubts and disappointments of a generation that has never stopped believing in its dreams, but which too often has clashed with a disillusioned society, dedicated only to appearances.

“After 25 years of rapping, I stopped for the first time. And I asked myself: at my age, what is the point of continuing to make music? In such a cold, so ostentatious world, where everyone seems to have something to teach or show, does it still make sense to suffer and invest part of one's life in emotions? Or ultimately, is making music also an act of vainglory?”

The answer, perhaps, is found in the last piece of the album: Metamorfosi. Here, with a sleight of hand, Zampa reminds us that every word can be used in a thousand different ways. And that for every question, perhaps, there is more than one answer. 


Side A
01 Vainglory
02 Adrenaline ft Lanz Khan, Ares Adami
03 Moths
04 The Daily Clash ft. Jack the Smoker
05 Until the morning
06 Good intentions
07 Chameleon ft Rido

Side B
01 Mediterranean
02 Better dayz ft Capstan
03 Constellations ft Moder
04 The Pack pt.6 ft Capstan, Slowletti, Numb, Eyembars, Blista Kaine, Triple B, Loze, Koi, Blackson
05 Two hearts ft. Adriana
06 Metamorphosis

Available in classic black and limited edition blue smoked vinyl!

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