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1 Mixtape Shit
Featuring  Bassi Maestro
Producer  The Beat Provider
2 Bruce Lee
3 Mc Donald's
Featuring  Jesto
4 Mobbing
Featuring  Jack The Smoker
5 Red Lights
Featuring  Kill Mauri, Meddaman
Producer  The Beat Provider
6 Flashdance
Featuring  Esa, El Funky Prez
Producer  Mazza Ken
7 Riocontra
Featuring  Nerone
Producer  Biggie Paul
8 Cusa Go De Ditt
Featuring  Coliche MDT
9 Caniggia
Featuring  Bat, Rayden
Featuring, Producer  PrezBeat
10 I Miei Ragazzi Cucinano pt.4
Featuring  CaneSecco, Gordo, Max Fogli
11 Un'Altra Miami
Featuring  Albe OK, Eddy Veerus, Tormento
12 Mettici Soul
Featuring  Axos, Easy One, Lanz Khan
13 One Of Theese Days
Featuring  Ape, Zampa
14 Un Capitano (El Tractor) Remix
Producer  Retraz
15 Rigaz Illegalz
Featuring  Nerone, Pepito Rella
16 Stile Spacchiusino
Featuring  Kill Mauri, Robi P
17 Senza Youtube
Featuring  Bat, Blo/B
Scratches  DJ Daf.Tee
18 Slayers
Featuring  Jangy Leeon
Producer  Yazee
19 When I Reload
Featuring  Palla Da Phella
Scratches  Lito The Kid
20 Bruce Lee Remix
Featuring  MRB, Shine
21 L'Ultimo Tiro
Featuring  Ape

Artist: Asher Kuno

Title: HallWeedWood Stories Vol.3

Label: HallWeedWood Studio

Format: CD , CD Album

Country: Italy

Year: 2015

Genre: Hip Hop

Media condition: Mint (M)

Cover conditions: Mint (M)


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