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1 Bass Maestro Intro
2 Bass Maestro Homo Shit / Real Shit
Producer  Bass Maestro
3 Jack The Smoker Call La Volante
Featuring  Killa Mazi , Nasty G
Producer  Cheedda
4 Medda It's useless
Producer  Bass Maestro
5 Bee - In the RMX Barracks
Featuring  Cow
Producer  Bass Maestro
6 Crookers Friend Of The Synth Yo RMX
Featuring  Phra , Supa
Producer  Crookers
7 Ghemon Science It's RMX Time
Producer  Bass Maestro
8 Holy Trafficker , Mike Samaniego GF Worldwide 07 RMX
Producer  Bass Maestro
9 Bass Maestro I Never Change 07 RMX
Producer  Bass Maestro
10 Kuno The Chief of the South East Zone
Producer  Jack The Smoker
11 Babaman Outskirts
12 Unlimited Struggle RMX Smasher
Featuring  Giuann , Mistaman
Producer  Shock
13 Metro Stars DSS (Dirty South Suissa)
Producer  Bass Maestro
14 Ciacca Everything will change
Producer  Beatman
15 Lickers Respect
Producer  Luda
16 MDT Below zero
17 Yoshi & Ibbenez It spins as it spins
Producer  Bass Maestro
18 Bat Lucid
Featuring  Jack The Smoker
Producer  Rayden
19 Amir Bodyrock
Producer  Mike Samaniego
20 Franco Tell me about you
Featuring  Mistaman
Producer  Impro
21 Sanobusiness I know my stuff
22 Chaff+ What do you want from me
Producer  Mastafive
23 I laugh MC Outro

Artist: Bass Maestro

Title: Monkee Bizniz Vol. 3

Label: Healthy Business

Format: CD , Mixtapes

Country: Italy

Year: 2007

Genre: Hip Hop

Media condition: Mint (M)

Cover conditions: Mint (M)


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