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1 Come and take a tour
2 Hip Hop
Featuring  Bass Maestro
3 Fever
Featuring  Naghe
4 The Unpublished
Featuring  Babaman
5 L-Pacino's Intermission Pt.1
6 We did it again
Featuring  Medda
7 Massive Sloth Man
Featuring  Snake
8 Something That Stays With You
Featuring  Enmicahouse
9 L-Pacino's Intermission Pt.2
10 The Only Way
Featuring  Best Colors
Scratches  DJ Impro
11 World Dog TL1
Featuring  Sir Bod
12 Bandit Music
Featuring  Hex
13 L-Pacino's Intermission Pt.3
14 Heldy Boy
Featuring  Bee
15 The Mission
Featuring  Gomez
16 The Other Half of the Day
Featuring  Bloody B
17 White / Black '22
18 Something That Stays With You Rmx
Featuring  Enmicahouse
19 Underground Rebels
Featuring  Sir Bod

Artist: L-Duke

Title: The Bass The Drums Etc

Label: Vibrarecords

Format: CD , CD Albums

Country: Italy

Year: 2005

Genre: Hip Hop

Media condition: Mint (M)

Cover conditions: Mint (M)


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