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Industry Lockdown. Mix CDs. Vol. 1
CD-1 Unknown Artist Lockdown Intro
CD-2 Titan Sounds Industry Introduction Dubplate
Featuring  Big P , Extremists , Skeme
CD-3 MSI , Asylum DNC Exclusive
Featuring  Outsiders
CD-4 SAS Don't Even Think About It
CD-5 Fredi Kruga Married To The Streets
Featuring  Loui Poppi
CD-6 Sincerely , Mike GLC Gangsta
CD-7 Skeme Gangsta Do It
CD-8 Stone Just Like That
Featuring  Mike GLC , hair , Sincere
CD-9 J2K Switched Up
CD-10 Mr. Reck DNC Freestyle
CD-11 Mike GLC Pump It Up
CD-12 Saigon Come Again
CD-13 Sons Of Shaolin Lifes Hard
CD-14 Sincere Walk On (Freestyle)
CD-15 Zero Tolerance Chitty Bang Bang
CD-16 ANO Badder Dan Dem
CD-17 B-Live Judgment Day
CD-18 Ill Mill DNC Dubplate
CD-19 Mike GLC Free Again (Freestyle)
CD-20 MCD D'Lady
CD-21 PQ Out To Win
CD-22 MCD Stick Em Pt.1
Featuring  General Levy
CD-23 K.Ners Cocky (DNC Exclusive)
Producer [Uncredited]  ONE MIKE
CD-24 Universal Soldiers DNC Freestyle
IIndustry Lockdown DVD
DVD-1 Unknown Artist Documentaries
DVD-2 Taskforce Taskforce
DVD-3 Dizzee Rascal Dizzee Rascal
DVD-5 Fredi Kruga Fredi Kruga
DVD-6 Gutta Music Gutta Music
DVD-7 Bury Cru Bury Cru
DVD-8 J Ro J Ro
DVD-9 K. Ners K. Ners
DVD-10 Surplus (2) Surplus
DVD-11 Black Juice Black Juice
DVD-12 Saigon Saigon
DVD-13 Sincere Sincere
DVD-14 Johnny Gambles Johnny Gambles
DVD-15 Mike GLC & Kamakazi Mike GLC & Kamakazi
DVD-16 12 Stone Productions 12 Stone Productions
DVD-17 Eurogang Eurogang
DVD-18 Big P & Skeme Big P & Skeme
DVD-19 Extremists Extremists
DVD-20 Skinnyman Skinnyman
DVD-21 Klashnekoff & Terrafirma Klashnekoff & Terrafirma
DVD-22 TAZ Taz
DVD-23 Street Dreams Whats Ur Life Like?
DVD-24 Ruff Diamonds More Murking
DVD-25 Mike GLC Letter To My Girlfriend
DVD-26 Mike GLC Off The Books
DVD-27 SAS SAS Doing Fine
DVD-28 Mike GLC Off The Books (Freestyle Video)
DVD-29 K.Ners* Hectic
DVD-30 Various Red Bull Music Academy Section
Bonus Footage
DVD-31 Various Never Before Seen Footage

Artist: Various

Title: The Untapped Project Presents Industry Lockdown Vol. 1

Label: Dark N Cold

Format: DVD , CD+DVD

Country: UK

Year: n/a

Genre: Hip Hop

Media condition: Mint (M)

Cover conditions: Mint (M)


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