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1-A1 Bring Da Ruckus
1-B2 Shame On A Nigga
2-A3 Clan In The Front
2-B4 Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber
3-A5 Can It All Be So Simple / Intermission
3-B6 From Mystery Of Chessboxin'
4-A7 Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing Ta F' Wit
5-A9 Method Man
5-B10 Protect Ya Neck
6-A11 Tearz
6-B12 Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber – Part II / Conclusion
Protect Ya Neck
TO Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version)
B Tearz [aka After The Laughter Comes Tears]

Artist: Wu-Tang Clan

Title: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Label: Get On Down

Format: Vinyl , 7" Box Set

Country: USA

Year: 2017

Genre: Hip Hop

Media condition: Mint (M)

Cover conditions: Mint (M)

Notes: •The group's classic (November) 1993 debut album is presented as a set of six 7-Inch vinyl records (with a bonus seventh 7-Inch, see below) •The entire set is housed in a premium leatherette outer slipcase •Outer slipcase holds the unique hardcover “Casebook,” with six 7-inches as book pages, in addition to liner notes book (see below) •Packaging also houses two custom Wu-Tang Logo 45 adapters •BONUS 7-INCH: “Protect Ya Neck (Bloody Version) / Tearz [aka After The Laughter Comes Tears” (Same A- and B-Side as original first self-released single, with recreation of original Sony picture black-on-white sleeve graphics) •Casebook features a 56-page in -depth liner notes book (aka The Shaolinthology), with new RZA input / interviews, extensive research by journalist Chris Faraone, album lyrics, rarely-seen photos and other rare images from the Enter The Wu-Tang era Tracks are numbered sequentially through all sides of the album.

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